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Blogging is something I would really like to be good at. I’m not and the chances of gaining an audience beyond my friends, family, and a few lost souls are slim. But I do enjoy it and so continue on with my amateur efforts.

Since 2013 I have been using Squarespace for my blog. It’s a fabulous platform for someone who wants to create a good looking blog and not be worried about pesky code.  It’s an intuitive delight to use and their customer service, in my experience,  was always fantastic. That said I wasn’t using it enough to justify the cost, which although not prohibitive is more than this new platform. Not only that but for the price of my Squarespace blog I could put up three blogs by hosting them myself and using WordPress. The problem is I don’t know what I am doing with WordPress beyond the basics so everything takes twice as long as looks half as nice. I am hoping that the more I use it the easier it will become and the better it will look.

So it’s my intention to try and blog here once a week about goings on in my Classroom, or something that has occurred to me while teaching. Blogging does have excellent potential for helping with professional development. There are myriad educational blogs out there that do just that, some of my favourite of which I will be sharing here.

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