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Report Writing

There are many things about being a teacher which are challenging. But one of them, that has been on my mind, as with many teachers at this time of year, is report writing. For those unencumbered with school aged children, reports are a biannual rite of passage for...

Twitter Debates – Progressive Vs. Traditional

I have been on Twitter a while. For most of that time I’ve been a lurker. In Canada, I did participate for a while in #CdnEdChat which was where I discovered what a great platform Twitter could be for CPD. It is amazing the amount of information that can be...

What’s with teachers and all the time they get off?

It’s often said that one of the perks of being a teacher in the amount of time off we get. Can’t really deny it, to the non-teachers I can see how it seems bonkers how much time we get off. But… of course, there’s a but… it’s not the whole story. Holidays are not...

Discretion the better part of valour

There are some things that you forget about teaching and what being a full-time teacher means. One of those things is how much time you spend ill or fighting illness. I don't mean serious illness, (such as stress related illness) but the sort that results in coughs,...

A new platform for an old blog

Blogging is something I would really like to be good at. I'm not and the chances of gaining an audience beyond my friends, family, and a few lost souls are slim. But I do enjoy it and so continue on with my amateur efforts. Since 2013 I have been using Squarespace for...

It’s all about learning.

It is with some chagrin that I must admit is only in the last couple of years that I have come to understand that most of what we do as teachers is about learning. I think I am in good company and certainly not alone. It is only recently with the relatively easier and...

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