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Finally after just shy of 6 months waiting I have the letter from The Professional Standards Agency in Alberta. There’s nothing in it that’s a surprise as I’d had lengthy conversations with various individuals before hand. But this letter does three things. First it tells me (and more importantly Universities), what I need to do in order to gain certification.  They can now advise me on the best way forward. Second it will enable me to apply for positions (an outside chance at best, I realize) with the hope of getting an exemption letter from the  province or territory because my degree has been recognized as a valid degree. Third and by no means last it should mean that I am able to claim an extra $30/day as a substitute teacher here in Whitehorse. 

So what’s required

  • nine semester hour credits of coursework in Education at an advanced level;
  • nine weeks in a supervised student teaching placement; and,
  • three semester hour credits of coursework in Canadian Studies. 

The course work I have been led to believe is something that could be done online from the right University. The teaching placement would be waived if I could get a position (this would make a massive difference to our families financial situation, obviously as nine weeks without any money coming in would be a challenge.)  Apparently if I do the Canadian Studies within the Faculty of Education that can count towards my nine semester hours of coursework in Education. 

I should say for those of you who don’t know me, most of these requirements are because I have been out of the classroom since 1999 when I left for sea.  I suspect if you were coming to Canada and had been teaching full time there wouldn’t be so many hurdles although it would probably take as long. 

Next step to find out where the best place to do the required course will be.

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