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March 2014 Update

Big news. Last week I was feeling a little beleaguered, working full time, a great thing but being paid as on the lowest rung with no degree acknowledged and certainly no certification available, was starting to get me down. “What if they don’t acknowledge my degree,” had started to permeate my thoughts, which would explain why it was taking so long. (They have had my papers since September 29th last year.) 

So in-between teaching lessons I phoned the professional standards team in Alberta. The lady who has been helping me wasn’t in. I left a message indicating, in a friendly way, my frustration about the length of time this process was taking. Before I was content to wait. The machinery of government turns very slowly, I know that, but now it was costing me $30/day, which since I have been substitute teaching in Whitehorse equates to about $900 in lost earnings, my patience was at an end.  At lunchtime I received a call. It was the professional standards branch – and finally it was good news. The letter with the information I have been waiting for since the end of September was on it’s way. My degree had been acknowledged and the steps I needed to follow to get certification included.  Now I just need to receive said missive and I’ll be another step closer to a full time job as a teacher.  Exciting times. 

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