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I already mentioned that waiting is not something I do well. It’s doubly true when the thing that I am waiting for has implications for not just my future but that of my family as well. 

interesting news

A friend of our recently (well in the last year) became enamoured with a teacher. He’d been teaching in The Northwest Territories for the last three years. He had interesting tales to tell as well as news that they often struggle for teachers after Christmas when many teachers decide that they haven’t got what it takes to teach in Northwest Territories.

So after some initial inquires I found that this was true and having talked to Christa decided that this may well be an avenue for us to explore. It doesn’t change the fact that I will still have to complete studies to get certified but if I can get a position teaching then I wouldn’t need to do a teaching practice / practicum. The main benefit being that I will be being paid while I do my studies. 

the kicker 

Having discovered then, that teaching in Northwest Territories is a potential option waiting on Alberta Ed agains becomes a pressing concern. I had resigned myself to a September 2014 start so no real pressure but now with this possibility I need them to validate my degree. Once it is validated then I can apply for positions. I won’t be certified but with it validated then it will allow me to apply for positions and I will be on my way back into a classroom.


So with all the exciting news from Northwest Territories I eagerly emailed Professional Standards in Alberta. We are fast approaching the sixty business days since they had all the documents they required, which was how long they suggested I would have to wait until I had news (to be fair this was a minimum but you know I’m an optimist) so I was hoping they’d say yep – any day soon. Instead this is what I got:

Dear Richard,

All files are evaluated in date order of completion and there are still a number of files ahead of yours to evaluate.  As soon as it is completed, you will be notified.

Sorry for not better news.

 So still waiting.

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