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As I have started to research the educational blogosphere a couple of thinks occur to me. First that there is A LOT of information out there. I mean huge amounts, way too much for anyone person to consume in a day.  So how do you cut through the chaff to find the wheat without it taking forever? I know full well once I start teaching again there will be little time to waste wading through blog after blog looking for relevant and useful information. 

The second thing I have noticed is that very little is about primary/elementary/early years education. I look at my Feedly page and there is not one site dedicated to pre-secondary education. There probably is and I just haven’t found them yet but still it will take some research where the sites I have found to date have been found organically, so to speak. 

update – so a quick google for elementary school blogs brings up this site – which has a link to all the blogs you would need. So it’s a little out of date but still a great resource. 

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