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Once more I have been remiss in my blogging. Without a proper schedule, I don’t see this ever changing and honestly time is ever short. But who knows.

One reason I don’t post much is that original content takes so long to put together. When I am teaching I just don’t have time and so I am going to experiment with posting different media that I think people would find useful and interesting. I will give full credit and make it plainly obvious that this is not my work.

My first effort is a podcast by TES. Quite recently they have started a series of podcasts that are pedagogical in nature and have been really interesting. This week the podcast was with Daniel Willingham. Currently, one of the most well-known educational writers who’s written books such as ‘Why Students don’t like school’ and ‘Raising Kids who read’.

This podcast deals with how children learn to read and how we can make sure that they learn to read effectively. It’s an interesting listen and well worth forty minutes of your time, especially if you are new to either parenting or teaching children to read.

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