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At the end of August I will be taking up a position as a Y4 teacher at the British School in Alexandria. It has taken over three years and a distance of 36,000 km to get here but I am excited to be finally walking into my own classroom.

I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to secure a position in Whitehorse but the situation there is no better than elsewhere in Canada and I couldn’t wait around for several years waiting to get lucky. It is I suppose a good thing that teaching is a desirable profession in Canada, well paid and well respected. Teachers aren’t overworked and for the most part are able to retire at a relatively young age. It’s a very different situation in the UK where successive governments have seemingly broken the system and where almost half of the teachers teaching would leave the profession if they could.

With my new job it’s a good time to try revive my blog, which hasn’t seen a post since the beginning of March. It will be my intention to post at least once a week. Not sure how that will pan out with the new job and a new home in a new country but I will try my hardest to make a weekly post happen.

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