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It’s been almost 20 years since I had an interview. It’s probably longer since I had an interview that really mattered to me and this interview that’s coming up is one that matters. I want to teach and while I could substitute (literally it appears) forever, I want more from my teaching. Teaching is at it’s core about relationships and as a sub it’s difficult to create meaningful relationships with students. Which means in most case you are nothing but a placeholder until their teacher returns. This was made very obvious to me while teaching for the last three months of the 2014/15 year where I was engaged as a long term substitute for a G3/4 class. There I was able to build relationships and, with help, was able to make a positive difference in the classroom. I enjoyed it tremendously, even if I did find myself working harder than I had for a long while. Interestingly it was also the first time my wife understood how much work goes into teaching. 

I digress. This interview means a lot. It is another opportunity to work full time with my own class. The only slight cloud is that it’s only for half the year as this is a compressed English class – meaning that the second half of the year is intensive French and taken by another teacher. But still, four months of teaching will suit me very well and will be my first contract, if I am appointed, in the Yukon. 

(My son pretending to be trapped in a cage... in case you were wondering.) 

(My son pretending to be trapped in a cage… in case you were wondering.) 

The Yukon has a category system for selecting teachers for interviews. From 1 to 4 with 1 being permanent teachers and 4 being those just arrived in the territory. This is somewhat simplified but it means as a 4 (which is where I find myself) it is damn hard even getting an interview. This information isn’t something easily found on the Govt. Ed website. (I was going to post a link…) So as a category 4 applicant this opportunity is a good one for me and I now have to go and prepare. I’ve had some pointers, I have some info from the U of A so with preparation I should as least be in with a chance. Wish me luck. 

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