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It’s been 2 years since we decided on a course change in our lives. A reboot of sorts from business owners to employees. From photographer to teacher, and to graphic designer for Christa. Much has happened. We sold our house, moved in with the in-laws, moved to the Yukon. Chris found work as a Flight Attendant with Air North, me, work as a substitute teacher. At the end of August, 2014 we all moved to Alberta so I could attend the University of Alberta and fulfil the requirements needed to get my professional certification in Canada. That transition included a month in a tent, which although sounds romantic, isn’t when it’s not an optional activity. We eventually landed in Red Deer in a new apartment building. Which on reflection was blindingly lucky, the housing situation being what it is in Red Deer, (and we’re very grateful to the people who allowed that to happen.) After a month at UofA, which I loved, I completed a nine week teaching Practicum at Glendale Science and Technology School, which was also a fantastic experience.  Unexpectedly, While I was doing my teaching practicum, Christa was offered a job back in Whitehorse. Having the opportunity to make the Yukon home was too good an opportunity to miss.  The quiet and beauty of The Yukon had captured our hearts. So mid November, Christa headed back to Whitehorse with Oscar, (Nancy doing escort duty) while I finished up in Red Deer, staying with my mentor and her husband. (So many great people.)  Once my practicum was completed on December 12th, I  headed back to The Yukon. Christmas was a quiet affair, just ourselves and some good friends and in the New Year I started work as a substitute again for Yukon Education Dept.

First time along the Alaska Highway was in January 2014. We were very lucky with the weather - great road trip. Just wish we'd known about the Liard Hot Springs. 

First time along the Alaska Highway was in January 2014. We were very lucky with the weather – great road trip. Just wish we’d known about the Liard Hot Springs. 

By mid Jan my documents had arrived from Alberta Professional Standards which meant I was eligible to apply for my teachers certificate in the Yukon. This I received shortly after applying and so twenty two months after we decided for me to return to teaching I was certified and ready to find work. 
So far I have been fortunate. I’ve been working pretty much full time and as I write this it may well be that I have a position until the end of the school year, which is very exciting. This won’t be confirmed until the end of next week but everyone seems to think that I will be there until June. 
Now I have to pull out all the stops and show people what I am really capable of. I am enjoying myself enormously at the moment even thought the students are tremendously challenging and there is a lot of planning to do. Talking of which I must away and get some of said planning done.

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