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Well January passed in a blur! February is here and with it the days start lengthening, noticeably, and we can all start looking forward to warmer weather. Here in the Yukon it’s still three months away but honestly after months of -25 degrees C anything in the + feels positively tropical! 

The middle of January saw a mile stone passed. Twenty months after making the decision to return back to the classroom I am now a certified teacher in Canada, and able to apply for teaching positions.  Of course the difficult bit of finding a full time job is now here but I am hopeful that come September I will have a class to call my own. 

I have to say I really enjoyed the journey to certification. It wasn’t straight forward or easy to navigate but it was rewarding. I discovered that I enjoy studying. That filling my time with reading, contemplation and writing was something that instead of being dreaded, was something I relished. I also enjoyed the structure it gave my life. The deadlines for essays and projects were something that helped me organize my time.  Something that ordinarily I am terrible at.

The University of Alberta was fun. A lot of work but fun. The campus is terrific and I found the staff I dealt with, my art tutor and social studies tutor in particular, to be friendly, professional, and helpful. 

So now it’s a waiting game but the good news is that I have time to work on my resume.  And while I wait I’m busy substitute teaching. 


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