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One of our favorite things to do is road trip. We purchased a Toyota 4Runner in part because we were pretty sure that it would take us just about anywhere. We’ve put her to the test this last three days with a trip in torrential rain that took us over the ‘top of the world’. It was both exhilarating and at times terrifying with zero visibility and often very little in the way of saftey. Oh and muddy roads that we’re slippery even in 4WD. Fun times. Now we are back and heading towards Whitehorse before we set forth on our trip to Red Deer and a new life in Alberta. (Until December anyway.) Both Christa and I will have more to post and say about the trip when we have more time. For now let me end by saying that if you haven’t been to the Yukon and you are a Canadian, especially if you are a Canadian, you should come visit her, she’s  something to be mighty proud of. 

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