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It’s not going to be a quick process

 I’ve been waiting to hear from UoA to see if there was a possibility that I could get into the University in the winter term. That’s not going to happen. I need to hear from Education Alberta and have written documentation of what is required in order for me to get certification. The I would be able to talk with the UoA and find out what my bridging course will entail. I did entertain the idea that perhaps I could just sign up as an open student and then complete some courses I think I need to do. But the fact I can’t complete a teaching practice until the fall makes that a little redundant and i may as well wait until I know for sure what is needed.

Interesting Development

Just before we moved we met with a long time friend of ours Pamela, whose boyfriend has just come back from three years teaching in Norman Wells, Northwestern Territories.   It sounds like a challenging place to teach just in terms of the environment – mid winter sees three hours of daylight and only June to September see temperatures above zero. But Erik loved it and said for the right people it was a special place to live and work.  Apparently after Christmas a lot of people don’t come back which means there are opportunities. So I have sent my resume off with a covering letter and we’ll see what happens. It would seem that this is my best chance of getting back into the classroom in 2014. 


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