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I have never been very good at waiting. This trait, made worse by the instant gratification we are becoming used to in modern society has made the last four and half months seem endless. On the surface nothing has changed – I still am waiting for official notification of how I can take my quest forward. Of course on reflection, that’s not true. When I think on it a great deal has been achieved. In the four months since communications were opened with the good people at the Professional Standards I have seen my transcripts for the first time – and had them delivered to Alberta along with course syllabuses, Statement of Professional Standing  and various other documents  as required. I am guessing that not very long ago this that took four months would have taken a year. So really I should be happy and I am but… 

Several phone call conversations with very patient people at the professional standards department means that I know, I think, what will be required. There will be some course work as well as a teaching practice in my future, which I am hoping will be done with the aid of The University of Alberta’s Education Department. Now being the proactive soul I am, I have been in touch with The UoA and know that I will need to enroll as a special student.  What I also know is that they don’t usually take on special students, unless they studied at UoA before, halfway though the year. Of course, I did not. So I was hoping at this point to be able to say to the University here’s what’s needed, can you tell me how I will be able to do it?  But they can’t until I have an official letter from the Professional Standards laying out what exactly is needed. It looks also like it won’t be here until the beginning of December which makes the likely hood of me getting up and running by January doubtful. 

So here I am trying to manage my expectations so that if it doesn’t happen the way I was hoping I am not too disappointed. The lady I was emailing with at the UoA said they would do everything possible to help me and that does make me feel better but time is my enemy here.  Fingers crossed then, that this next step doesn’t take more than the sixty business days they said it would take as a minimum. If it does then a September start is likely and that complicates things. A lot. 


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