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Letters of Reference


Glendale Science & Technology School – Practicum, Red Deer, Alberta

“Richard has set the bar for student teachers that come through my classroom in the future. He was eager, positive, communicative and worked very well as a team. I am impressed with the knowledge that Richard has in the field of teaching and it is easy to tell that this is his passion.  I have absolutely no doubt that Richard will be an asset to any school. He will make a positive difference in the lives of students, parents, teachers and administration. I would feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to work with Richard again and I wish him all the best in his teaching endeavours.”

Samantha Vockeroth – Mentor Teacher

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Jack Hulland – Substitute Teacher, Whitehorse, Yukon

“I have been truly impressed with Richard’s work in our school over the last six months. I have no difficulty providing a strong teaching reference for Richard at any grade level. With his positive outlook, I know he would be a welcome addition to any staff. He would be a valuable asset for both students and staff.”

Lorrie Peterson, Principal 

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The British School Manila, Teacher, Manila, Philippines

“His classroom is a stimulating environment with well-displayed examples of a range of children’s work as well as instructional interactive displays. He believed in leading the children towards independence of learning through a flexible approach, employing a range of teaching strategies.”

Lawrence M. Buck – Head Master (Principal) 

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“Mr Galloway is a popular member of the school’s staff and on many occasions has put himself forward to help in developing both in house curriculum and extracurricular activities… He has made a significant contribution to the school’s language policy and spoken on this subject to assemblies of both parents, governors and staff.”

R.T. Keen – Head of Middle School

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Red Hall Primary School – Darlington, UK

“Richard is a conscientious, caring teacher who is very aware of the varied stages and children’s development. His classroom management is good and encourages the children’s independence. His class activities are well prepared and structured to the individual needs of the children.”

C. Perry – Head of Infants

Read the full reference here.

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