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Report Writing

Report Writing

There are many things about being a teacher which are challenging. But one of them, that has been on my mind, as with many teachers at this time of year, is report writing. For those unencumbered with school aged children, reports are a biannual rite of passage for...

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Life in the Yukon

Sourdough Rendezvous Festival  This week I thought it may be interesting for teachers thinking about teaching in the North to begin a look at what life is like in the Yukon. We're in Whitehorse so it's a little different from the communities but still I thought...

New Year’s Eve Blues

New Years Eve - how I used to dread this day. Expectations to have a wonderful, best night ever were always unfulfilled. These attempts at forced revelry normally resulted in the beginning of a new year with a hangover. Over the last year I have realized many...

Educational News

One of the things I have really enjoyed over the last six months has been reading about current educational issues, and in this respect the www is a blessing. Of course the reasons for it being such a blessing also means it is a curse, namely that there is so much information out there.

During my practicum I was reminded how teaching is an all consuming affair. After all the planning is done, the extra curricular activities delivered and your family considered there is little time for anything else. So keeping up with the news, for me, fell by the wayside, even with the best intentions.

Let us pretend though that there is time to peruse the news. What is the best way for keeping on top of it when there is so much information out there? There are a lot of tools for helping to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding, organizing and reading news of any sort. These are the one’s I use. 

Thank you and Goodbye

My Practicum is over. I’ve not been in a classroom for six days and as I sit here in Whitehorse editing pictures for my blog I am suddenly hit by the realization that I miss my students. I have worked on and off in schools for eight years, three of them as a...

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